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Design of technological, lighting engineering and fire prevention systems

Moses Memorial Church
Mount Nebo, Jordan

Mount Nebo in Jordan is a mountain range that rises a few kilometers west of the city of Madaba. Its 817 meters is the ideal place to get a privileged view of the Holy Land This was the final stop on the journey of Moses, who led the Hebrew people through the desert after their liberation from Egyptian rule. On one of the highest points of the mountain, near the top of Syagha in 1933 the remains of the ancient monastery were unearthed. The original church dates back to the fourth century and commemorated the death of Moses. This building consists of a floor plan that respects the architectural canons of the Christian Basilica The project included the restoration of the Church of Moses and the construction of new air conditioning and electrical systems, mosaic lighting, and a fire protection system.


Mount Nebo, Jordan

Surface area

600 mq



Total amount of works


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